The original owner appeared in Singapore fellow happynewyear

The original owner appeared in Singapore’s fellow owner appeared, was in Singapore from the police fellow years Chen Dingjiang knew should find the owner as soon as possible, otherwise the owner and his family are not good for the mid autumn festival. "Money is one aspect, documents are in the bag, the owner must be very anxious." Chen Dingjiang quickly and Yibin County Public Security Bureau police station Tianchi made contact, the consultation is receiving lost money and the report, told not received the relevant report. Chen Dingjiang did not even home back, they rushed to the Lake police station, all the money inside the wallet and handed over to the police on duty, the request to find the owner. At the same time, Chen Dingjiang’s wife also help find the owner. According to her wallet houmou address on the ID card, the work in the Yibin County Township Central school classmate Cooper query to the mother’s phone hou. Chen Dingjiang in the Tianchi police station for more than an hour later, the owner will houmou initiative to contact him. Originally, the owner is Yibin County Hou Cooper countryman, and Chen Dingjiang is the same fellow county. At present, houmou working at Singapore company. September 14th, Hou from Singapore to fly home for Mid Autumn Festival, family reunion. 8 o’clock that night, Hou took a taxi in the two bridge in Cuiping district. When you get off, because he carry more luggage, at that time it was raining, but also an umbrella, he put his wallet in the taxi. Hou back home, I found a wallet lost, containing nearly 900 thousand yuan, 980 yuan and the Indonesian rupiah dollar, Thai baht, Singapore dollar, the Malaysia dollar and Macao dollar. He thought that so much money was lost, it was impossible to find the wallet, so there is no report. Zhong Weicong Chengdu Business Daily reporter相关的主题文章:

Beijing apartment turnover jumped stop re live rumors — real estate —

Beijing apartment turnover jumped   "stop re live rumors — real estate — original title: Beijing apartment turnover soared to halt business change lives rumors recently about commercial projects to tighten regulation of the rumors, stimulate volume residential apartments increase. Last week, Beijing new residential net signed volume growth of 34.7%, including residential apartments, the turnover increased 62.1%. However, the subsequent rectification of the wind at tight, part of a model of commercial and residential projects have been shut down. Industry insiders believe that the apartment policy will not be too tight, the future can not be fully restricted purchase". Before the transaction is "a perfect commercial housing residential project in Xihongmen opened last week, to a lot of people feel, a suite of three or four more to grab." Working in Beijing for 3 years, Ms. Zheng did not qualify for the purchase, the recent commercial projects have been watching. She reluctantly said, commercial housing, water, electricity, property costs are expensive, there are still some hesitation, but recently heard of commercial and residential projects to tighten regulation, decided to start it." Recent rumors that a strictly curb business change lives in August 31st before the project has been submitted to the Beijing municipal government in September, will be suspended or commercial projects of the two certificates issued. Affected by the rumors, Beijing commercial projects have accelerated the signing speed. According to Albert I love my family group Market Research Institute of statistics, last week Beijing city’s new commercial housing (excluding low-income housing) net signed 3194 sets, rose 34.7%. Classification of view, the average residential transaction volume fell 7% last week, continued to hover around the set of about seven hundred or eight hundred; apartment type residential transaction volume rose by 62.1% for the third consecutive week to increase the volume of 33. According to deputy general manager of Asian high Ren Qixin, last week turnover ranked ten of the seats are commercial and residential projects. In September before the official release of the regulatory policy is expected to grab the case of commercial housing contract will continue. Affected by this, the overall volume is expected in September will continue to rise." Some commercial and residential model closed recently reported that the media, Beijing land and Planning Commission, Beijing Municipal Construction Committee held a special meeting of commercial housing, commercial banks to suspend the listing of land. For all of the commercial housing projects have been approved, a list of re examination, and rectification of the problem. Reported that the leaders of this position can not be added to the commercial, resolutely do not open the door to change the living". Compared with the previous round of printing on "commercial purchase" rumors, this rumor seems more content influence. Not only property buyers began to panic, developers are worried. Beijing Morning Post reporter learned that, after Tongzhou commercial projects comprehensive purchase, Tongzhou residential project model is closed, Mentougou, Shunyi, Daxing, Fangshan and other areas are also part of commercial and residential projects closed showcase showroom. According to a Fangshan District residential project sales staff said, "the model now can not see, can only look at the sand table." It is understood that there are some commercial and residential projects, although the model is not closed, but the renovation of the interior decoration, and living functions related to the hard outfit, soft furnishings, furniture furnishings have been removed. Commercial housing transactions in the first super residential so-called "commercial housing" refers to the相关的主题文章:

A Tales Shakespeare open up a fresh outlook of appreciation of classical

A "Tales Shakespeare open up a fresh outlook of the" classic "classic of the afternoon of October 19th, into the heart –" Shakespeare tales "appreciation" seminar was held in the commercial press Han Fen Lou bookstore. Beijing International Studies University, deputy director of the research center of European culture, English Education Institute associate professor, Postgraduate Tutor Dr. Chen Liping was invited to the children and parents to do a reading of Shakespeare’s Drama Salon open up a fresh outlook. The children interested All seats are occupied., feel moist and the baptism of literary classics. In 2016, when the UK’s 400 anniversary of the death of Shakespeare. After four centuries, Savon’s plays are still active in the theatrical stage all over the world. However, how to appreciate the classics from the unique perspective and cognitive characteristics of children? How to let the children read English four hundred years ago? The salon is in the unique ingenuity. Associate professor Chen Liping first to a small audience shows four Shakespearean Comedy "the merchant of Venice" — one of the ingenious plot, namely the use of parallel structure. Then, from three aspects, she interprets the language style of "merchant of Venice" — the beauty of rhyme, the beauty of form and content. Mr. Chen from the example of British lamb sister "Shakespeare tales" in early nineteenth Century to start, to lead the children to appreciate English Alliteration and rhyme rhetoric method, and carefully prepared the 2016 Nobel prize winner Bob Dylan? The two verse, please little audience analysis in the lyrics rhyme. The two verse language easy, profound, exquisite rhyme, in 2016 CCTV "star of hope" Cup English contest group ten national finalists Ouyang Can primary school students live smooth and beautiful voice, the little audience to experience the phonological beauty of english. With the little audience getting better, Chen from the "Shakespeare tales" gradually transition to Shakespeare’s the merchant of Venice. "In the original sentence, with the kids enjoy the profound meaning of formal beauty and exquisite unique Shakespeare language transfer. Choose carefully through the example of foreign language teacher Chen, four hundred years ago, the children slowly from the sparkling eyes into their hearts, they actively participate in reading and reading process. The children get enough time, several of the "actors" performing "the merchant of Venice" from the classic scene 1 — Fourth "court" as a flash appeared on the stage, to the salon to a new climax. This fragment is the climax of the merchant of Venice. ". The plot of this rendezvous, all the main characters on stage; conflicts both confrontation, a showdown. The image of Sherlock and Portia was fully shown in the play. The young actors vivid performances, fluent English, fascinating. Was the scene of the theatrical infection, little audience questions in the next, in succession to Chen teachers how to improve their writing skills. Chen pointed out that we should develop the habit of reading classics, more accumulation, practice, thinking, innovation, learning from the classic beautiful language expression methods, explore writing.相关的主题文章:

Primary and secondary school teachers in charge of investigation the responsibility of multi pressur mp7a1

Investigation of primary and secondary school teacher: more responsibility pressure low salary teacher who will be the lack of occupation happiness, the force of one person to the whole education according to Ministry of education statistics, the national compulsory education stage in 2015 a total of 3473411 classes, in accordance with the relevant provisions of each primary and secondary schools should be equipped with a teacher ", about the country there are 3 million 473 thousand and 400 primary and secondary school teachers, full-time teachers in compulsory education stage accounted for 37.92% of total (9 million 160 thousand and 800). Although the "provision" clearly the head teacher in primary and middle school teacher in charge of the work responsibilities and benefits, such as "teacher is an important position in primary and secondary schools, engaged in the work of primary and secondary school teachers is the important duty of" "teacher workload according to the local standard class teacher workload in half the teachers’ basic work" "the allowance into the performance salary management. In the performance of the wage distribution to tilt to the teacher. For the class teacher to take over the workload of the class, to exceed class allowance allowance." In 2016 the introduction of the "State Council on co-ordination to promote a number of opinions" within the county urban and rural compulsory education integration reform in the development is proposed to improve the work performance of the wage distribution incentive mechanism, adhere to the teacher’s inclination. But researchers have found that in addition to a part of primary and middle school teacher is a teacher voluntarily choose to apply, most of the teachers is to obey the school assigned to do the work of the teacher, if entirely teachers free choice, more than half of the teachers are not willing to be the teacher. Investigate its reason, the teachers generally reflect the task of teacher in charge, psychological pressure, low material treatment, lack of professional happiness. We also see that the class teacher’s work duties with the change of time has been extended and enriched, but the basic content tends to be stable, mainly concentrated in five aspects: political and ideological and moral education for students; the organization and management of the class, especially the class daily management; as teachers, parents and community and Communication Department of education form together; to assess the performance of students; pay attention to students’ development in many aspects. Of course, most studies suggest that teacher is an important guide for the growth process of primary and middle school students, but this does not mean that no infinite boundary and responsibility of class work duties, the provisions of the work responsibilities should have quality. Can not be the need for class teachers, teachers, parents, community, and other efforts to complete the arbitrary responsibility for education on the head of the class teacher, the teacher’s ability to do a whole person’s education. More than half of the teachers in charge of working hours in the class teacher’s work on the survey results show that the average daily use of class teachers in charge of class (not including teaching) on the time of 4.08 hours. If in accordance with the "labor law of People’s Republic of China" in the daily working hours of workers not more than eight hours of the working hours system, then the teacher in charge of the teacher in more than half of the time spent on the work of the class teacher. Specifically, spend 2 hours in the class work of teachers the most, the rate was 27.16%; in addition, at least 3 hours every day for more than 50% of the average teacher processing class, there are 1/4 average spending at least 5 hours. This shows that because of class, class.相关的主题文章:

The purchase of Mentougou green Yong king mansion beautiful scenery to enjoy a healthy life

The purchase of Mentougou green Yong king mansion beautiful scenery to enjoy a healthy life [Abstract] green can give you bring fresh joy, let every home buyers are full of fresh taste, haoshanhaoshui near Mentougou created a good ecological livable plate, here Xiaobian inventory of some of these real estate. Yongtai · Xishan Park (real estate information owners forum) Xianfang senior ranks Yongtai real estate Tencent · Xishan garden is located in Mentougou fudanlu double valley around the island 1000 meters north. Xishan have the same, different rivers, mountains of water, 193-277 square meters villa, Sanshan quasi Xianfang, senior ranks, continued to show. Yongtai · Xishan Royal Park project in the sale area of 198-277 square meters apartment layout in 3-4, standard storey 3.3 meters, all for the 270° viewing apartment layout distribution in A3, A4 A5 A6 A12 A13 A14 A15 A16 no.. Yongtai · Xishan Royal Park project in the sales building all 15 layers, one unit, two staircase design, in the sale of housing as a blank Xianfang occupancy, property fee is 6.51 yuan per square meter * month. Tencent Beijing Mentougou real estate group, real-time discussion hot topic. 154721073 Yongtai · Xishan garden view details along the Metro education estate latest

gallery owners forum 400-819-1111 610488 Fushi, Lin Shi Road, Chang’an Avenue road and extension of fast connecting regional trunk line three city, 10 minutes from Shijingshan, 15 minutes to 30 minutes to reach the Darcy city of Victoria, Financial Street and Zhongguancun. S1’s first low-speed maglev train line and Metro Line 1 through fast. The project around a number of bus lines: Express 101 road; Express Road, express road station, 116 at the entrance of the project in. "" "" "click to view the Xishan garden comments above information is for reference only, the final announcement to developers. [Abstract] green can give you bring fresh joy, let every home buyers are full of fresh taste, haoshanhaoshui near Mentougou created a good ecological livable plate, here Xiaobian inventory of some of these projects. Huarun group · Xishan (real estate information owners forum) – private courtyard Tencent real estate news Huarun to · Xishan project is located in Feng Village of Yongding town of Mentougou district (Shimen camp Island 1.5 km north of the archives of Mentougou west 50 meters). Hua Runrun Xishan four platoon villa in the sale, the remaining 2 houses. Hua Runrun Xishan four platoon villa on the ground floor of the two floor, the size of the area of 500-550 square meters, the total price of 2000-2500 sets of. Give 100 basement, 200 flat mid private courtyard, 270° panoramic ventilation lighting, property management fee of 7.88 Yuan Pingyue, Xianfang occupancy. Volume rate of 0.67, greening rate of 37.76%. Please pay attention! Tencent Beijing Mentougou real estate group, real-time discussion hot topic. 154721073.相关的主题文章:

Break the curse of the three or four line of the city’s housing sales return to a second tier cities winbook

From the three or four line of the city sales spell housing prices back to a second tier city strategic layout and value judgment, is an important part of the housing enterprises in the industrial chain, thus extend the investment to take place, development, product sales, cash withdrawal, property management, until the new one to take, to complete the closed loop. In recent years Chinese high-speed development of the real estate market, the city increased differentiation, a second tier city real estate dual core large some gains, and the three or four line of the city to the public. Core value of the city’s housing prices around the strategic layout, so that the latter’s investment value convergence, return to a second line, away from the three or four line of the city has become a common choice for all brands of housing prices. Especially in 2016 this situation, housing prices tend to significantly. Housing prices in Shenzhen, risking heavily loaded with higher prices than their city land, housing prices have also publicly announced that land development completely withdraw from the three or four line of the city. Three or four line city sales curse in the first half of 2016, net domestic credit easing, real estate sales overall good. National Bureau of statistics data show that this year, 1-6 months, the national commercial housing sales area, the amount was 570 million square meters and $4 trillion and 200 billion, an increase of 28.6% and 44.4%, respectively. Since the second half of 2014, domestic large and medium cities commodity residential sales rebounded for 20 months, the overall turnover has also continued to rise for the past 15 months. Vanke (000002.SZ) is the study of the real estate market has the most experienced housing prices. In the long-term observation of the Guangzhou Shenzhen Dongguan Buddha 14 a second ring and first-tier cities, 1-6 month commercial housing sales area increased by 45% year-on-year, while the new premises approved pre-sale area increased by only 9.2%. To the end of June, the city’s inventory of new homes fell to 110 million square meters (140 million square meters by the end of 2015), to the period of 8.4 months from the end of 2015 shortened to 6.6 months. But at the same time, after the supply of land, population growth is slow or even negative growth in the three or four tier cities, inventory pressure is still large, the situation has not fundamentally improved. Prices are more intuitive factors, first tier cities, second tier cities and three cities rose or not. According to the data China Index Research Institute, the first half of first-tier cities rose a total of 12.79%, second tier city has risen 5.33%, the three line of the city has risen 4.27%, while the ring Dongguan, Zhongshan, Huizhou first-tier cities rose more than 25%, ranking the forefront of the country. Poor urban fundamentals, land supply, population growth is slow, the price can be adjusted less space, low profit margins, inventory to slow, the three or four line of the city’s housing prices have become intractable curse. Consulting with the policy research director Zhang Hongwei told the first financial reporter, "the three or four line of the city’s limited market space, in the past five years, the area of the three or four line of the city average annual turnover of new homes in the 2 million square meters, if developers get a building area of 200 thousand square meters of the project, to sell a few years, difficult to inventory developers, it is difficult to show." For once in the early years of stockpile three or four lines of housing prices, is still the main theme of structural adjustment. Reduce or even completely withdraw from the three or four line of the city相关的主题文章:

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